"San Domenico" village - Varzo - Piedmont - Italy
Altitude 1420 m - Ossola Valley - Lepontine Alps

Diei Hotel in Italy, Piedmont region, Italian Alps: for cheap snow winter and ski holiday in Italy

Off-peak Winter holiday in a peaceful italian ski resort: ski, snowboard, telemark, hiking, walking, relaxing


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Winter Holiday and White skiing weeks in a quiete Mountain ski resort in Piedmont region: ski, snowboard, telemark, carving, snow shoes, hiking...

Albergo Diei - Organizzazione e Prenotazione di vacanze sulla neve, settimane bianche invernali su sci e snowboard, vacanze e ferie verdi, relax, pace, tranquillita'

Hotel Diei in Piedmont region, Italy - by the swiss border with Valais (Wallis) canton and Simplon area

Walks, Trips, Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Bike, Peace and Relaxing: fields, mountains, alpine lakes, forests, paths, passes, peaks, ...

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