Automatic Cutting Machines for Cables, Wires, Tubes

for Manufacturing, Producing, Processing, Working:
Push-pull Systems, Flexible Cable Control Systems, Mechanical Transmission
- Automobile, Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Agricultural, Construction industries -

Examples of productions and usages of the machines:
Cables for Pedal, Brake, Accelerator, Gas, Speedometer, Tachometer, Gauge, Buttons, Switches, Controls

Copnduit, Brake hose, Water hose, rube, piping, casing, tubing

Wide range of Automatic Cutting Machinery, Cutters, and Accessories for sveral types of materials, industries, type of works and manufacturing. Cutting of Wire, Cable, Tube - by Electric arc cutting, Blade cutting, Disc cutting, Cut-off disk.


"Cut to length" customer programmable and configurable automated machines for processing, manufacturing and producing items for Automotive, Automobile, and Aerospace industries: Cable Control Systems, flexible mechanical remote control cables, Brake, Gas, Accelerator pedal cable, push-pull remote control, Mechanical control cable and boxes, Mechanical Transmission cables and systems, Auto spares and spare parts, Airspeed and Automotive Speedometer (Tachometer) Transmission Cables, Speed indicator cable, Automobile Speed (speedometer) Gauge - for measuring engine and machine speed and revolutions.


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Industries of applications: Auto, Car, Automobile, Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural, Construction, Marine.

Cutters - cutter machine / Cables, Wires, Tubes --- Cutters, Cutting Machines manufacturer(s), producer, maker, specialist, fabricator - manufacturing, factory, workshop - equipment, gear

Speedometre - Tachometre cables and wires ---- Cut Off Disc, Cutting Discs, disk  ---- Industrial Cutting Machines

wire processing machinery - wire processing Machine(s) ---- Automobile, Aerospace, Automotive,  ----- mechanical cable controls

Cutting Machines for Cable Control Systems ----- flexible

automotive cable systems  ---- cable controls ---- wire rope,

automotive cables --------- remote cable controls --------- Industrial Cutting Machines --------- for Mechanical Transmission - mechanical control

push pull systems, pushpull system ---------- brake pedal

gas, or accelerator, pedal ------------ flexible cable mechanical remote controls

Mechanical control boxes and cables: acceleration and remote control pedals, brake cables, cable controls, flexible cable mechanical remote controls, flexible mechanical remote control cables, push-pull remote control handles and boxes ------------

brake cable manufacturing ------- cutting machines cables ---------- PLC-controlled cable cutting machine to cut to length wires, cables, round cables, tubes..

Cable Cutting Machine - Manufacturers and Suppliers of  Cable and wire machinery, wire Cutting machines.